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Cashflow Forecasting for Client Financing

Posted by Julie Francis on 04 May 2018

If you are preparing a cash flow forecast to help your client obtain financing, use Spotlight Forecasting and in particular the new loan rule to prepare a full 3 way forecast.

The organisation lending the funds will always want to see that the funds can be repaid and that the repayment plan is realistic and manageable. Use our scenarios within Spotlight Forecasting to show the impact of varying levels of loan repayments or different loan terms. Help your client achieve an optimal outcome.

Here are the top five benefits when using our new Spotlight Forecasting loan amortisation rule;

Save Time

Using the loan rule will save you a lot of time (estimate up to 30 mins per loan) as the rule will calculate the interest and principal repayments and then journal these to the profit & loss, balance sheet and cashflow forecast. The new loan rule will also make it easy for users to edit loan details if required.


Once you enter the parameters of the loan, the rule will calculate the interest and principal repayments and then journal these to the profit & loss, balance sheet and cashflow forecast.  

This eliminates data entry errors that may otherwise occur. The rule ensures that journals covering the profit & loss, balance sheet and cashflow forecast are all posted correctly.


The rule will clearly show what loan parameters have been entered along with the loan schedule which can be downloaded in Excel or PDF format. As long as the loan parameters have been entered correctly, the loan outputs will allow you to verify the calculations to statements from the bank/lender.

Clients receiving the reports can also be given a summary of the loans that have been recorded.

Better Decision Making

Since the new rule allows you to quickly and accurately record loans, you can then try different loan configurations (e.g. smaller/larger loan amounts, shorter repayment periods, additional repayments, increased/decreased interest rates) in the forecast and see the financial impact of these.

The ability to create different loan scenarios to present to your client will ensure that the optimal borrowing conditions are achieved.

Highly Visual Outputs

Combining Spotlight Forecasting reports with your insight and advice can lead to better conversations with your client.  We believe that every business deserves a cashflow forecast. Be your clients trusted advisor by making Spotlight Forecasting the cornerstone of your advisory services.

To see our loan rule in action click here, then start a 28-day trial



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