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Every successful business needs a Budget and Forecast

Posted by Jason Forbes on 30 Jun 2016

Hero_-_Forecast-967147-edited.pngWhen mapping out the new financial year, budgeting services are the "low hanging fruit" that all of your best clients should be receiving.

Every successful business needs a budget. Committing numbers to paper and mapping out the future helps increase the chance of success. The new financial year is the perfect time to let your clients know you can help to forecast their next 12 months - or beyond.

As an Advisor, it's never been easier to leverage your client’s Xero or QuickBooks Online data to help produce a Budget and Cashflow Forecast using Spotlight Forecasting.  Spotlight Forecasting is the only double-entry, three-way forecasting, budgeting and scenario tool designed by progressive accountants for progressive accountants.

The ideal clients to target a Budget or Forecast at are:

  • Clients that struggle with spending or collecting monies (and therefore are often in overdraft).
  • Business owners who fail to plan their spending in line with revenue expectations.
  • Time-poor and stressed business owners who want help to become more organised and financially-aware.

Spotlight Forecasting includes a rolling Budget, so as the year progresses tweaks and changes can be made as the actuals are populated from Xero or QuickBooks Online at the push of a button.  This keeps the information fresh, relevant and timely.

A budgeting session with a client may evolve into a follow-up meeting to focus on business actions, KPI-setting or process change. There should be lots of interesting conversations generated by the session, leading to further work and advice.

But you’ll want to act now! You’ve never been better placed to provide peace of mind as your clients prepare to pay their EoY tax bills and head with confidence into the new year!

View the short video to learn how to produce a budget and forecast with Spotlight Forecasting.

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