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Product update: Updating budget data and Five year forecasts

Posted by Julie Francis on 14 Aug 2017

Regular cash flow forecasting can mean the difference between business success or failure. Our latest Spotlight Forecasting update allows you to update budget data without resetting existing rules and to create a five-year forecast.

Updating Budget Data

This feature release allows users to pull through updated budget data from the accounting system whilst keeping their existing rules created in Spotlight Forecasting. The update budget functionality allows users to import adjustments made to the budget data (by clients or staff) in the accounting system into Spotlight Forecasting thereby saving time and allowing for better collaboration. 

Spotlight Forecasting - Update Budget Data.png

Five Year Forecast is now available

Spotlight Forecasting users can now create five-year budgets, forecasts and scenarios for a longer-term projection of their business performance. 

To find out more details about this release, please read our latest release note or view our 1-min release video.

We hope you enjoy our latest product update. For any further information, please visit our help centre.

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