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Spotlight Reporting Raises NZ$3 Million and gets High-Profile Support

Posted by Richard Francis on 30 Aug 2014

Today we are excited to announce Spotlight Reporting has raised NZ$3 million of expansion capital from a range of investors.

This is a high quality funding round and we are pleased to welcome investors of the calibre of Craig Winkler (MYOB Co-founder and Xero Director), Sam Knowles (ex Xero Chairman and former Kiwibank CEO), Graham Shaw (Xero Director and Spotlight Reporting Advisory Chair) and David Wilson (former Haines MD and Vend/Xero investor). Other backers include some of the smartest business, technology and accounting industry people in Australasia, most of whom are already avid consumers of our business intelligence products, such as Steph Hinds (MD of award-winning firm Growthwise).

This capital raise allows us to continue building a great team, to fast-track product development and expand our physical presence in Australia, the UK and US in coming months. The backing of industry leaders and calibre of team members joining us is a clear endorsement of the exciting opportunity before us.

We’re looking for top people in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, and having the funds and support of industry leaders to tackle the global challenge should confirm to everyone how serious we are. Our vision is nothing less than supporting millions of business customers and their advisors globally in making better decisions for superior outcomes.

This capital raise is an important step on the long road towards achieving our vision.

Richard Francis, CEO

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