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Faces of Spotlight: Introducing Thomas White

Posted by Aninda Henning on 17 Jul 2019

Born and raised in London, this dedicated family man and die hard Millwall fan swapped his local football team sweats for weekly manicures by his two daughters. Introducing Thomas White, our newly appointed Customer Success Specialist for the UK, South Africa and the US.

Route 66Thomas on a road trip in the US with friends on Route 66.

Welcome to Spotlight Reporting! Tell us a bit about yourself: I was born and raised in London and had what you'd call a stereotypical upbringing. I played football from a young age and have been a huge football fan ever since. I'm a massive Millwall fan, which probably means nothing to anyone from outside of the UK.

I went to university in Canterbury where I studied Business Studies. I absolutely loved my time at university where I learnt huge life lessons, especially how to survive on a non-existent budget. Once I graduated, I decided to get back into football and joined a friend's team called Danson Albion. As someone who's over 6 foot tall and very little ability and no pace, it was natural for me to play at centre back. I played for six years helping the team win two trophies, although I was dropped for both cup finals, which I never let my ex-teammates forget.

Christening I was told from a young age that I'd suit a sales environment, and after jumping from job to job after graduating, I gave in and took a job in sales. This is where I really grew and learnt a huge amount about the business world and myself.

During my time in sales, I met my other half and now we have two amazing daughters. Being a Dad is by far the best job in the world. Both my girls (Megan and Emily) are a little crazy and very much Mummy's girls. The days of going into sweaty, smelly football changing rooms have changed to getting my nails and toes painted on a weekly basis.

What do you do at Spotlight Reporting? I've recently been appointed as a Customer Success Specialist in the UK and the US. My job is to ensure our SVCFO partners have a successful plan to deploy Spotlight in their business. This is really crucial for making sure they get maximum use out of our product, as well as for retention and advocacy.

"It was a huge factor why I chose Spotlight Reporting – being given the opportunity to assist clients in achieving their expectations, and being able to get stuck into a new environment and industry. That was a huge pull for me."

What are you looking forward to most in your role and getting stuck into? I'm really looking forward to building long term relationships with our customers and partners. I've come from a business culture where building relationships was key, so I look forward to working with so many different people in a number of different countries.

What attracted you to come and work for Spotlight Reporting and what were you doing prior to that? It's important to me to help customers realise their potential and to help them achieve that expectation. I was able to do that in my previous role working in recruitment, and now I can do that at Spotlight Reporting by helping customers' businesses grow by using this amazing product. It was a huge factor why I chose Spotlight Reporting – by being given the opportunity to assist clients in achieving their expectations, and being able to get stuck into a new environment and industry. That was a huge pull for me.

What do you think is important when it comes to having a great customer experience? I believe having trust in the person you are dealing with is important to having a great customer experience. Trust is built through the communication that you have with a customer and to make sure you deliver on the results that are being stated and promised. 


Best road trip
Route 66, which ended in Las Vegas.

The first cassette tape you ever owned
Now That’s What I Call Music.

The last thing you binge watched on Netflix
When They See Us.

Your very first paying job

iPhone or Android

Most famous person you’ve met
Teddy Sherringham.

Something that makes you feel old
Being asked a question about cassette tapes and remembering having them.

When you need to save money, what’s the first thing you cut
Buying clothes.  

Household chore you hate the most

Football-1Tom celebrating victory with his local football team, Danson Albion

To get in touch: Twhite@spotlightreporting.com 

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