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A Winning Combination for Advisors & Wealth-creators

Posted by Richard Francis on 30 Aug 2014

As a Financial Advisor or accountant creating wealth for your clients, you will want to focus your time and expertise as effectively as possible to help your clients reach their financial goals. Now there is a combination of software that can help you do just that.


Dubbed the ‘Apple of Accounting’ by Credit Suisse, Xero is best-known for it’s small business accounting package in the cloud. However, the Xero Cashbook – widely used by cash-based and smaller entities – is also perfect for monitoring client inflows and outflows.

With automatic bank and credit card feeds, Xero Cashbook makes it easy to collect data and have visibility over what is going where.

In addition to using Xero Cashbook there are other top software ‘add-ons’ that can assist you and your clients to make the process as seamless as possible.

Spotlight Dashboard

Dashboard is the easy, cost-effective and good-looking way to analyse and display data. Financial data from Xero and KPI’s can be captured, displayed visually and tracked by advisor and client. With the ability to customise dashboards to suit your client’s specific needs, the opportunities are endless. Dashboard has been at the forefront of Xero bringing an integrated solution to the Financial Advisors market and is even optimised for iPad use by the most ‘with it’ advisors and accountants.

Check out this short video of Dashboard in action.

Spotlight Reporting

More extensive reporting for high-wealth families is also available via the popular Spotlight Reporting performance analysis application. In use by leading Chartered Accounting firms in the Xero eco-system, this award-winning app is financial analysis with all of the whistles and bells.

Spotlight Multi

For the specialists who want to benchmark and rank clients, Spotlight Multi can aggregate, compare and visualise data across client types, regions and more. A further opportunity for value-add.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is another popular and award-winning Xero add-on. Receipt Bank’s premise is simple – remove the data-entry pain associated with receipts and expense administration. With a seamless integration into Xero it makes reconciling and collation of client receipts and invoices fast and easy – removing at least one barrier to clients becoming ‘money smart’.


If clients have investment portfolios, then Sharesight is a must-see. Sharesight provides an online portfolio management experience, with automated updates and more. Naturally, there is Xero integration too plus the ability to transfer key data to the Spotlight Reporting tools.

Next Steps

If you’re not helping clients set goals, manage their money and create wealth – who is? If you are already, maybe there is a better way?

  • All of the products listed have trial periods – take a test drive.
  • Do the free training – or watch the product videos.
  • Build a seamless process from data collection and collation to awesome reporting and advice-provision.
  • Set goals and measure what matters for clients.
  • Make it happen!

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