Grow Your Franchise With Cloud Reporting and Benchmarking

Written by Nik George on 20 Dec 2016.

Franchising has become a common medium for conducting business today. Traditionally, we may have associated franchises with food and product retail, however these days, franchises stretch into all industries from automotive, professional services, education, medical services and the list goes on. The franchise model is quite appealing as it can increase chances of success with an established...

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5 Key takeaways from Transform! Summit for accountants

Written by Richard Francis on 13 Dec 2016.

Transform! Summit is shaping up to be “a mandatory event on the 2017 calendar” for accountants, as Xero’s Managing Director, Anna Curzon, noted. Anna is joining a range of interesting and informative speakers at Transform!, including Steph Hinds, Viv Brownrigg, Mark Jenkins, South Pole adventurer Kevin Biggar, inventor and social entrepreneur Sir Ray Avery and a special panel of cloud...

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Shift towards delivering advisory services at the Xero Roadshows

Written by Darren Glanville on 24 Nov 2016.

We’re thrilled to have been the only reporting add-on, during the latest series of roadshows in the UK, supporting our strategic partnership with Xero.

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3 steps to boost your advisory services in 2017

Written by Eugene Scheepers on 22 Nov 2016.

We meet a lot of accountants every month who would love to boost (or even start!) their advisory services but run into a big hurdle… TIME. There is just not enough of it!

As the year comes to a close and things start to wind down, we’ve come up with a simple 3-step reward based program to help you hit the ground running in 2017, armed with all the tools you need to become a trusted advisor to...

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Delivering quality advisory services

Written by Nik George on 07 Nov 2016.

A trusted advisor knows ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, each client has unique needs. If you try to shoehorn all your clients into a single report template or format, you may find the reports don't show them what they need to make informed business decisions. In fact, the reports may even be meaningless when delivering quality advisory services.

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Meet Tom, our new online accounting star in NZ

Written by Stephen Corbett on 03 Nov 2016.

We’re excited to have Thomas Loosley join the Spotlight family as a Senior Account Manager. Thomas brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience into the role and will work predominantly with accountants in South and lower North Islands.

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Embedding cash flow advisory services

Written by Richard Francis on 19 Oct 2016.

Cash flow forecasting and cash flow management advisory should not be a marginal, on-demand proposition. Helping clients look ahead with confidence and putting in place basic cash flow maximisation strategies are core, essential and high value activities for accountants.

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Six key benefits of templating for accountants

Written by Gayatri Wood on 05 Oct 2016.

Templates provide consistency across procedures in an accounting firm and across the level of service delivered to clients. Often a KPI dashboard or report can be tied into a particular value-add package. Having it templated means every client is receiving the same base level of service, created in a fraction of the time.

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Suntax & Scrubbed win major Xerocon advisory competition

Written by David New on 27 Sep 2016.

We're delighted to announce the winners of our recent Spotlight Super VCFO competitions, held at Xerocon in San Francisco and Brisbane. A huge thank you to the 500+ Xerocon attendees who visited our stand over the two conferences, from whom we have drawn the following two winners:

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The Biggest Bang in Brisbane - Xerocon South Delivers

Written by Richard Francis on 13 Sep 2016.


It's been a hell of a ride from the first Xerocon in 2010 with fifty accountants and a handful of Xero employees getting drunk in a vineyard near Rod Drury’s house. To the 17th and biggest instalment yet in a huge conference centre in the heart of Brisbane and featuring a cast of 2,300 accountants, bookkeepers, software peeps and Xeroes. As CEO of Spotlight Reporting, a former 'Xero' and...

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