Suntax & Scrubbed win major Xerocon advisory competition

Written by David New on 27 Sep 2016.

We're delighted to announce the winners of our recent Spotlight Super VCFO competitions, held at Xerocon in San Francisco and Brisbane. A huge thank you to the 500+ Xerocon attendees who visited our stand over the two conferences, from whom we have drawn the following two winners:

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The Biggest Bang in Brisbane - Xerocon South Delivers

Written by Richard Francis on 13 Sep 2016.


It's been a hell of a ride from the first Xerocon in 2010 with fifty accountants and a handful of Xero employees getting drunk in a vineyard near Rod Drury’s house. To the 17th and biggest instalment yet in a huge conference centre in the heart of Brisbane and featuring a cast of 2,300 accountants, bookkeepers, software peeps and Xeroes. As CEO of Spotlight Reporting, a former 'Xero' and...

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New industry templates, UK balance sheet layout and user interface

Written by Nik George on 01 Sep 2016.

Our latest release includes a number of enhancements:

  • New agriculture and hospitality industry templates
  • Balance Sheet Layout
  • Re-designed Organisation and Practice Settings Pages
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Spotlight Reporting secure $5 million in new capital raise

Written by Richard Francis on 29 Aug 2016.

Spotlight Reporting, the Wellington-based cloud software company, has secured $5 million in a Series A raise.

The fresh capital includes contributions from NZVIF-backed Venture Capital Fund Global from Day One Fund 2, ex-Xero Director and Spotlight Reporting Chairman Graham Shaw, Vend Director David Wilson, MYOB co-founder and Xero Director Craig Winkler and others.

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Why a cash flow forecast is king at Xerocon South?

Written by Stephen Corbett on 29 Aug 2016.

To illustrate why cash flow forecasting is critical for advisors and accountants, we will be launching a new white paper ‘Cash is King - Cloud Style’ at Xerocon South in Brisbane. This white paper covers: embedding cash flow advisory services; scenario planning; cash flow management; pricing and debtor process reviews; and debt and capital review. If you’re heading along to Xerocon, the first...

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Driving reporting excellence through consolidation

Written by Nik George on 18 Aug 2016.

Being able to prepare consolidated reports is a ‘must’ for advisory accountants. Over time, your client’s entity may have grown into a multi-entity global business. Perhaps these entities were originally set-up to minimise risk and reduce tax or they simply diversified into other interests. Whatever the reasons, you now need to be able to prepare consolidated reports based on their group...

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Six ways to focus on customer experience to increase your clients' profits

Written by Gayatri Wood on 10 Aug 2016.

Arguably the biggest hindrance to business growth is the loss of customers. If your clients are looking to grow, one of the best ways to do this is to focus on their existing customers.

Reducing your clients customer defection rate by 5% can increase their profitability by 25 to 125 per cent. So what can you help measure to increase your client’s customer experience?

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Business intelligence at Xerocon San Francisco

Written by Gayatri Wood on 03 Aug 2016.

Business intelligence is critical to being an advisory accountant. You can’t provide valuable advice without analysing data to draw it from. To unlock its value, the data needs to be properly processed and presented in ways clients can easily understand.

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Three new industry templates for KPI reporting

Written by Nik George on 22 Jul 2016.

Industry templates open up new reporting options for accountants and businesses and can be a great time saver. Management reports are only effective if they focus on the KPIs that are relevant to the business. Reporting, analysing and discussing these KPIs lead to better decision making and results.

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Xero Roadshow New Zealand. Explore the ecosystem with Spotlight

Written by Abraham Gibson on 15 Jul 2016.

We are excited to be part of the Xero Roadshow in New Zealand 2016. We love meeting forward-thinking accountants who are transforming their practice from being solely compliance focused into delivering awesome value-add advisory services.  

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