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Richard Francis

Recent Posts

What is a 'Super' Virtual CFO?

The widely-recognised term Virtual CFO stands for Virtual Chief Financial Officer (or 'VCFO'. A Virtual CFO is an ‘outsourced’ provider offering accounting and advisory assistance in the financial...

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Getting business strategy at the heart of your success in 2018

Strategy lies at the heart of most successful businesses. Businesses that plan and have clear objectives or goals, robust accountability and a shared sense of purpose should always outperform...

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Action Planning for client success

When I designed the first Spotlight Reports, I usually included an Action Plan to close the circle between great data analysis and goal-setting. I'm delighted that our new Action Plan release...

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The Power of Customer Success

Customer Success is one of the most important strategic priorities at Spotlight Reporting. The more we learn about Customer Success principles, strategy and practice, the more we can see the...

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Customer Success in Accounting

As a former Chartered Accountant in practice, I can see strong benefits of a Customer Success mindset for accountants. Too often, accounting firms can see the customer reaching out to them as an...

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7 Effective Ways to Monetise your Advisory work

All too often, accountants agonise over what services to offer and to whom. Layer in fear of selling and marketing Advisory services, and you have a perfect storm for inaction and inertia. It...

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#Ban_Excuses – this is your year!

Here in New Zealand, we’ve ticked over into a new financial year. Accountants and bookkeepers look at this time as the start of a fresh chapter, a chance to re-charge the batteries and shake off...

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Transform, Motivate & Ban Excuses!

The inaugural Transform Summit is over and what an event to reflect back on!

When I founded Spotlight Reporting 6 years ago, I’ve always dreamt of holding a conference for the progressive...

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