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In the Spotlight: Gayle Abou Maroun, Customer Success Specialist

Our dedicated Customer Success team is full of accounting pedigree and have a passion for practice transformation. Our Customer Success Specialist in New South Wales, Gayle Abou Maroun has...

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In the Spotlight: Steve Kafritsas, Senior Account Manager

Our dedicated sales team is full of accounting pedigree and have a passion for practice transformation. Our Senior Account Manager in Victoria, Steve Kafritsas has plenty of cloud experience and...

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Kristin Harris joins Spotlight Reporting as Strategic Partnerships Lead

Kristin Harris, ex General Manager and Strategic Partnerships Lead at Australian cloud software company Deputy, has joined Spotlight Reporting. Kristin will report to CEO and Founder Richard...

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Creating a business plan for your client in the New Financial Year

With the new financial year upon us, this is one of the best times to help your clients create a dynamic 12-month business plan. Your sales message is very simple. Every business should operate to...

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Transform, Motivate & Ban Excuses!

The inaugural Transform Summit is over and what an event to reflect back on!

When I founded Spotlight Reporting 6 years ago, I’ve always dreamt of holding a conference for the progressive...

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Explore the Xero Ecosystem with Spotlight at the Xero Roadshow

As Xero’s app partner of the year 2016, we are very excited to be part of the Xero Roadshow in Australia 2017. We love meeting forward-thinking accountants who are transforming their practice from...

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5 Key takeaways from Transform! Summit for accountants

Transform! Summit is shaping up to be “a mandatory event on the 2017 calendar” for accountants, as Xero’s Managing Director, Anna Curzon, noted. Anna is joining a range of interesting and...

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3 steps to boost your advisory services in 2017

We meet a lot of accountants every month who would love to boost (or even start!) their advisory services but run into a big hurdle… TIME. There is just not enough of it!

As the year comes to a...

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